Land Owner Tag

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Custom Land Owner Tags.

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Custom  Reusable Land Owner Tags.

These tags are for you the Land Owner give to the people that you lease your land to. The lessee uses the tag to show game wardens that they have permission to hunt or be on your land, and the information on the tags will give the wardens the ability to call and verify you do have permission to be there. For most states we will put the lessee hunting information on the back so they can use this as carcass tag too, if you don't want this info on the back then we put your business logo or photo there instead. Tags may vary from state to state.

Get to know you local Warden, most wardens do not know who can or can not be on plot of land let alone who the land owner is.

For a few states we can make a reusable combination land Owner Tag / Carcass Tag.

Please know your states hunting laws.


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Land Owner Tag

Land Owner Tag

Custom Land Owner Tags.

More information below.