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0: These tags are not laminated & are made form the same material as a credit card, PVC Plastic 

1: Are Carcass Tag's reusable?   Yes they are.

2: What can be used to write on these tags?  A Sharpie works Best and it wipes off Easley with alcohol or finger nail     polish remover 

    "Do not use finger nail polish remover with acetone in it with pre printed cards it will wipe off all your information" 

3: Are these tags valid in Oklahoma?  

4: What are the regulations for hunting in Oklahoma? you can go here  for more information on Oklahoma hunting.

5: What are the Oklahoma hunting regulation on kids under 18?  i could tell you in my own words but we don’t work for, nor are we affiliated with the Oklahoma wild life department. you can follow this link to get your answers thank you

6: For information on Hunters education & Certification for children under 16 years of age of here

A: Hunting season.

B: Oklahoma check stations. 

C: Lost hunters education cards go here.

D: To contact the Oklahoma wild life dept. go here.

E: Please know and check with your states hunting laws before purchasing our tags. Tags may not be accepted in    all states.


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Paddlefish Tag

Paddlefish Tag