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Gold Hunting Equipment Tag

Gold Hunting Equipment Tag Tag is 1 in X 2 in  Most states require you to tag your hunting equipment with your hunting information when leaving your equipment on public land. tree stands, blinds, feeders, camera's, traps Etc. 

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After years of having to write our hunting information on paper and then trying to tape it to our kill we decided in 2013 to start making reusable tags for all hunters. Have you ever been out hunting and forgot your pen, pencil, paper or even your tape, which in most cases won't even work if it's raining or cold outside.

Our tags are very durable, reusable and waterproof. You can write on these tags with a sharpie and it will wipe off with alcohol. We can print all your hunting information on these tags and even print a custom photo or business logo on the front. You Bag It! You Tag It! Know your states hunting and fishing rules and regulations before you go hunting.

We need your Wildlife Customer Id # to make your tag with a QR Code.


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