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    Welcome to Carcass Tag.

    Carcass Tag was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of making thing easer and stylish for the outdoors men and women. we all know Pen, pencell, paper and tape don't work well when its cold or damp outside. This is why we custom print your hunting information on these tags, less writing equals less trouble. 

    Our tags are reusable hunting, fishing and trapping tags. We will print and engraving on plastic, steel, brass and aluminum. Our tags not only look good there very durable, waterproof and can save you time in the field.

    We make tags for MANY STATES check them out here.

    These are the same size as a credit card. If you design your photo or logo please use these dimensions 85.60 mm X 53.98 mm (3 3/8 X 2 1/8 inch)

    Oklahoma hunters we now need your customer id number for your tags.

    You can find it in the Go Outdoors Oklahoma app.                        Iphone    Androide


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    Smiley Faces Outdoor Tags

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    Use these Tags for name tags, luggage tags, gym bag, backpack, Hunting and fishing. Need something customized just email us These tags are very durable, reusable, water proof and will save you time in the field. These tags are also customized to your liking, we can print your custom photo or business logo on the front and your hunting information on the back.

    These are the same size as a credit card.

    Each tag comes with a stainless-steel reusable cable.

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