Kentucky Harvest Log


Custom Kentucky Field Tags. You can choose any photo on our site or upload your own photo to be printed on the front. No more than 1 mb photo upload. Design your cards to 85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 ×2.125 in

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A hunter shall attach a handmade tag to the carcass of any harvested deer, elk, turkey, bear, bobcat, or otter if transferring possession of the harvested animal to another person.

For example, a carcass tag is required if the hunter gives the animal to another person, drops it off to be processed, or takes the head and cape to a taxidermist.

A harvested animal in a hunter’s possession is assumed to be theirs, unless the carcass tag states otherwise. The carcass tag must include the hunter’s name, phone number and telecheck confirmation number.

Hunters who harvest bears during the modern gun bear season must attach a department-issued carcass tag before leaving the check station. Hunters who harvest a bear during the archery-crossbow season must attach a department-issued carcass tag after having the bear inspected by department personnel.

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